Interwire 2011 is alive with possibilities
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Sunday, 19 December 2010 16:25

Interwire 2011 is alive with possibilities

Relocated and familiar, Interwire returns to the city of its origin—Atlanta, Georgia, USA—May 3-5, 2011, for the most complete program offered in its 30-year history.
With a streamlined profile reduced from four days, to three, the agenda is lively and the content is relevant representing every industry sector—the result of the skillful guidance of senior executives from more than 25 key industry corporations.

The exhibits feature technology and information from the more than 500 companies that are represented. Exhibit space in Hall A of the Georgia World Congress Center, now 97% accounted for, is rapidly approaching sold out status.

Interwire Show Floor
Interwire Show Floor

Theme days are new. Metals & Materials; Manufacturing Best Practices; and Green Initiatives are the backbeat themes that set the rhythm of activities each day from technical sessions and roundtable discussions to speakers and networking topics.
More than 90 distinct elements comprise the technical conference, which is the most robust offering ever, featuring technical paper and operational presentations, courses, production solutions, a productivity workshop, panel discussions, guest speakers, and an engaging keynote speaker who will be announced in the coming weeks.

On the nonferrous front: A Global Continuous Casting Forum is a standalone program for copper practitioners, running May 2-5 in conjunction with Interwire.

Southwire will host a tour of its nearby facility as part of the preliminary program on Monday, May 2.

From the ferrous perspective:  Support for Interwire extends to the American Wire Producers Association (AWPA) and its 2011 Symposium which will be held May 2-3, 2011, at the GWCC.

The opening reception on Tuesday, May 3, is a much-anticipated networking event which will reunite familiar colleagues and provide a valuable opportunity for visitors from 50 countries to meet and greet other guests and discuss the international wire and cable industry.

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for the Next Wave of Growth

Come rain or shine, recession or boom time, Asian nations continue to perform as top investment destinations. The region typically attracts annual investment of US$55 to US$70 billion based on recent trends, with top investors being the advanced economies of the EU-25, Japan, and the USA. In recent years, FDI into Thailand has been in the range of US$10 billion annually. Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam have also enjoyed highly respectable inflows of FDI and these burgeoning economies' pro-business policies coupled with the attractive opportunities presented by developing markets promise continued investment amid ever advancing globalization.

wire Southeast ASIA is consistently endorsed by the industry as Southeast Asia's leading procurement ground for the latest manufacturing equipment and technology for the wire and cable industries. This world-class trade fair will continue to address the rising demands by cutting-edge manufacturers for effective and efficient cost saving solutions.

Take this opportunity to expend your business in the high growth markets of Asia!

General Information

Date :  13 - 15 September 2011
Venue :  Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC) 
Opening Hours :  10.30am to 6.00pm (13-14 September)
                 10.30am to 5.00pm (15 September)
Admission :  For Trade and Professionals Only. 
             All visitors are required to register their visit.
Frequency:  Biennial.
Last held in:  October 2009

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TEKNO 2011
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Sunday, 19 December 2010 16:10

TEKNO 2011, 8-11 January, DUBAI

The International Wire & Machinery Association (IWMA) and International Tube Association (ITA) are respectively sponsors of Tekno/Tube Arabia 2011, which takes place in Dubai from 8-11 January 2011. The 10th edition of these concurrent events sees them well established as key trade fairs for the very important Arab and Gulf States markets. Visitors are also attracted to the exhibition from Africa and India.

The IWMA and ITA share a joint stand at Tekno/Tube Arabia and are offering at-cost Oasis exhibitor packages (see below). An application form for Tekno/Tube Arabia 2011 can be downloaded via the link in the Oasis details

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Adjustable Pitch and Side Thrust Enhance Smooth Movement in Linear Positioning Drive
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Monday, 06 July 2009 03:58

Okcoil model RS linear drives are now available with five linear pitch settings and adjustable axial thrust. This permits varying pitch/thrust combinations until optimum settings are achieved. Optimizing pitch and thrust settings results in very smooth linear movement making the drives ideal for metrology applications and other linear motion processes requiring backlash-free, smooth movement.

Turning a thrust set screw increases or decreases pressure on the rolling ring bearings which raises or lowers side thrust. The thrust will remain constant even if linear pitch is changed. Likewise, the linear pitch will not vary if thrust is adjusted. For designers and operators this flexibility facilitates the process of finding the settings that will best enhance smooth linear movement and overall optimum drive function for a given application.

Pitch, or the distance moved per shaft revolution, may be specified at 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4 or 0.5 times the shaft diameter. Changes to pitch require no re-gearing or adjustment to motor speed. Nor do any other components of the linear motion system need to be changed. The specific pitch setting is achieved by placing wedges between the bearings to hold them at a specific angle relative to the shaft. This angle determines the linear pitch which will remain constant regardless of motor speed.

It is recommended that both thrust and pitch be factory set based on application requirements. However if the modifications must be done where the drive is being used, okcoil technical representatives can provide telephone instruction for the procedures.

Okcoil RS linear drives are available in seven sizes for shaft diameters measuring 10 mm to 60 mm. The larger the drive shaft diameter the more thrust the drive has. The drive shaft is threadless and cannot trap debris which facilitates jam-free operation. RS drives have zero backlash and are used for automated manufacturing processes across a wide range of industries including textile, automotive, metrology and CNC machining. Depending on size, the drives achieve linear speeds of up to 5 feet per second over distances of up to 13 feet with axial thrust up to 500 lbs. Repeatable accuracy is dependent on the type of controls used. Except for occasional light lubrication of the shaft, no other maintenance is required.

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