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Linear drive pitch control works independently of motor - eliminates gears, cams, clutches & other controls
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Monday, 06 July 2009 04:07

Okcoil "rolling ring" linear drives now feature a mechanical pitch adjustment lever enabling a variable pitch drive system without requiring gear changes or adjustment of other controls. Users adjust pitch by moving the selector lever along a notched scale. Each notch on the scale corresponds to a discrete pitch setting. From notch to notch pitch changes by a factor of 0.01 on Okcoil models RG15 through RG40, and by 0.02 on models RG50 through RG60.

If a more precise pitch adjustment is required, a worm gear and threaded rod design bypasses the notched-scale settings. Users turn a control knob on the end of the threaded rod which permits fine tuning of linear pitch on-the-fly without stopping the drive system. Once pitch is set on a Okcoil drive, it remains constant regardless of the drive motor speed or other control settings.

The Okcoil pitch adjustment lever eliminates the need for gear reducing devices and minimizes electronic control requirements. Machine design, set-up and operation are thereby simplified. Both the notched scale and worm gear options for pitch adjustment are available on all seventeen sizes of Okcoil model RG linear drives. Besides linear pitch, travel direction of the drive nut is also mechanically controlled independently of the motor and controls.

Okcoil rolling ring drives are used in machinery requiring a component for smooth, backlash-free linear motion. Example applications include packaging/converting machinery, sealing equipment, traversing material onto a reel, moving measuring probes, spraying/scanning set ups, and other processes involving repetitive back-and-forth linear movement of tools, materials and equipment.

Okcoil designs and builds Okcoil linear drive assemblies for a wide range of positioning and reciprocating motion applications. Additionally Okcoil provides sales, parts, service and ongoing technical support for Okcoil drives and custom assemblies.


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